Sep 26, 2008

The Calculated Mix

Wow! Italian fashion house MARNI gets better each season. Just saw the Spring '09 collection, which somehow circled back to my love of the "Dries effect" best shown in van Noten's Autumn-Winter 2008 collection. I am consistently impressed with the high level of color, fabric, shape and all-around mixing both these designers achieve.

MARNI Spring 2009

- Despite the somewhat negative tone of the reporting, I looooooove this!

Dries Van Noten Autumn-Winter 2008
- I can't get those bangle necklaces outta my head!

Sep 10, 2008

geta life

geta life

Sometimes I find things in pairs -- or I'll happen upon a bunch of similar items in one week. A few months ago, it was all purple pumps. Lately, it's all about Asian footwear.

I almost gave up the geta to the Hello My Friend shop, but my feet refused. They have a beautiful padded silk crepe & felt thong on lightweight wood platform. I was lucky to find these new deadstock. The grass woven slippers have a lovely detail of purple and red yarn woven through the toes. I love wearing these around the house in hot weather. They crunch beneath your feet!

// Wood/silk Japanese geta and woven grass slippers with yarn detail found thrifting.

Sep 8, 2008

Hats Amazing!

Hats Amazing!

I was thrifting one very hot day, and stumbled upon a slew of deadstock cotton baseball caps from a company called "Hats Amazing." Hilarious name! Like those funny shop names for hair salons or pet stores -- "Safari, Adventures in Hair" comes to mind.

Anyhoos, the prints were totally 80's, totally funny, and I had to pick up a few. This one gives me that Wham! x 80's surfer Jimmy'Z x cheezy Bali tourist feeling. Remember George Michael with his short shorts, long-sleeved surfer t, sun-streaked hairdo in the Wake Me Up video? Yeah, like that.....

The whole "Hats Amazing" crew listed in the shop (modeled by Rudy):