Mar 17, 2009

Of envy, Paddy's and Oz...

"Green, green gasoline.... " I can't remember how the rhyme goes, but I know there's a cheeky verse slipped in somewheres. I've been on hiatus getting items up in my Hello My Friend shop, but finally making time to post some of the treasures I've collected on thrifting adventures.

I found these emerald lovelies while pacing a thrift shop back and forth, one day, with nary an item to be found. Sometimes I think things play hide & seek with me, cos these boots suddenly appeared out of nowhere. Don't they look like magical pixies or something? Perhaps I should ask for a few wishes.

80's Emerald Green Suede Flat Ankle Boots - size 9 (click for details)

Mar 16, 2009

Snakeskin and Suede Shoes on SALE!

Finally uploading new goods to the shop this week, and in an effort of moving forward, I've put the current listed shoes on sale. "S" is the magic letter -- ssssssssssssssnakeskin and sssssssssuede. Check out the mirror ball heels on the pumps!

Vintage Black Suede Pumps with Round Mirrored Heels - size 6.5 (click for details)

80's Mid Heel Snakeskin Pumps - Eur 38 /size 7.5 (click for details)

Mens Snakeskin Deck Boat Shoes - Eur 45/size 11 (click for details)

Mar 11, 2009


The last few seasons of McQueen had left me a bit lukewarm, but the FW 2009 collection is scratching all kinds of itches. I am loving the beautiful execution of the recycled materials, along with the metalwork full face piece with details galore. And can we talk big club kid lips??!! *swoon*