Dec 9, 2009

Au revoir Margiela

My recent mohair allergy has me clearing out my fuzzy, rabbity pieces. Unfortunately I'm forced to sell my Margiela Collection 6 grunge sweater. I really love this piece and am very sad to part with it. I've edited my closet down to favorite essentials, and loved items, so this parting bums me out. I've been a huge fan of Margiela since I first laid eyes on his tabi boots. My tiny collection of his stuff has been treasured.

My loss is your gain.... Available in my shop.

Margiela Collection 6 Wool Mohair Sweater in Fuchsia and Burgundy Stripes

Sep 29, 2009

Kokeshi love x sweet birdies

More collection thinning. Just uploaded these kawaii little characters in the shop. Sweet, cuteness overload! (click the photos to view listing)

Vintage Wood and Straw Japanese Kokeshi Doll

Vintage Wood and Cork Doll Bottle Topper

Vintage Modern Wood Bird

Vintage Clay Pottery Bird

Aug 18, 2009

Kokeshi on my mind

Letting go of more cuties in my collection. I thought I was going by the way of kokeshi collecting, but alas it was not realized. I enjoyed this sweet girl during her stay. Available in the shop.

Vintage Wooden Japanese Kokeshi Doll

May 31, 2009

Super cuties

I'm thinning out my accessory stash, and moving some super cute, kawaii pieces from the collection. I loved wearing these mixed up with my ethnic beaded and wooden necklaces. So cute, and kind of boho/nu-ravey. New in the shop!

Beaded Panda Coin Purse Necklace

Beaded Apple Coin Purse Necklace

May 12, 2009

Betsy Betsy Boo!

Rummaging through a nondescript rack yielded this 80's Betsy Johnson bodycon dress in great condition. I'm loving the play of gold tinged jewelry set against emerald green and a beach bronzed glow.

Betsy's pieces are always fun, girly, and sexy with a cartwheel kick at the end!

Vintage 80's Betsy Johnson Green Mini Dress

model: Munda


Apr 29, 2009

The Boots of Summer

Just uploaded these lovely sh*tkickers to the shop. These boots are giving me a heavy 80's West Coast, dusty Americana, road trip mood. Staring at them against the shiny, white surface reminds me of sandy landscapes across a flat desert plain. Can I get a faded tee and some Henley please?

80's Guess by Georges Marciano Brown Nubuck Suede Ankle Boots - size 9.5

Apr 24, 2009

Pattern play

An uneventful thrifting day threw me a bone, and turned up this very boho, yet very 80's, leather purse. I'm a sucker for shiny things, and the burnished metallic bronze finish over the stamped faux snakeskin was pushing my all my buttons.

I can imagine pairing this purse with a myriad of pieces: a fringed boot, a tie-dyed tshirt dress, a rumpled oxford shirt and dark denim, circa Brooke Shields in Calvins (see below). I think it works here against a cotton African print batwing jacket. Pattern play, texture and volume.

Vintage 80's Faux Reptile Bronze Brown Leather Purse

model: Munda

Mar 17, 2009

Of envy, Paddy's and Oz...

"Green, green gasoline.... " I can't remember how the rhyme goes, but I know there's a cheeky verse slipped in somewheres. I've been on hiatus getting items up in my Hello My Friend shop, but finally making time to post some of the treasures I've collected on thrifting adventures.

I found these emerald lovelies while pacing a thrift shop back and forth, one day, with nary an item to be found. Sometimes I think things play hide & seek with me, cos these boots suddenly appeared out of nowhere. Don't they look like magical pixies or something? Perhaps I should ask for a few wishes.

80's Emerald Green Suede Flat Ankle Boots - size 9 (click for details)

Mar 16, 2009

Snakeskin and Suede Shoes on SALE!

Finally uploading new goods to the shop this week, and in an effort of moving forward, I've put the current listed shoes on sale. "S" is the magic letter -- ssssssssssssssnakeskin and sssssssssuede. Check out the mirror ball heels on the pumps!

Vintage Black Suede Pumps with Round Mirrored Heels - size 6.5 (click for details)

80's Mid Heel Snakeskin Pumps - Eur 38 /size 7.5 (click for details)

Mens Snakeskin Deck Boat Shoes - Eur 45/size 11 (click for details)

Mar 11, 2009


The last few seasons of McQueen had left me a bit lukewarm, but the FW 2009 collection is scratching all kinds of itches. I am loving the beautiful execution of the recycled materials, along with the metalwork full face piece with details galore. And can we talk big club kid lips??!! *swoon*